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One day,the days of our lives will be squeezed in an A4 paper and they will call it an obituary. all those hours,days,months and whatsoever pain,joy love and all will be read in less than 30 minutes and some people wont even listen.
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Life is pain
Denial is hope
Death is freedom

This is my way
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Stay true to your heart and to yourself.. Don't change for anyone, just stay who you're truly are.
If Only Words Could Speak For The Heart,
Then People Would Know How I Really Felt.

~McKenzie Strouse
Growing up is like a disease. It gets worse and worse every day. And in the end it kills you
- Elina
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We, ourselves, are mirrors reflecting on others.
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Some People Will Hurt You, Some Will Help. But In The End Both Will Have Made You Stronger.

Every Thing Has A Purpose.
... True Love isn't easy....., but it must be fought for...!! Because once you find it it can never be replaced...!!!!
Nothing Really Lasts Forever
Had to Make A Choice That Was Not Mine
Had To Say Good Bye
For The Last Time
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If you are true in love, getting hurt is guaranteed at the end.