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Why does it hurt so much to like you? To see you talking to someone else, i mean it's not like you liked me in the first place? Why does it hurt me to know that you don't like me back, if i knew that you wouldn't have like me anyway?
Wish i could never hear you talk about loving me. Coz now, when i am all alone it haunts me.
"Never take someone for granted because once they are gone youll feel as lonley as losing your own soul and you won't reconize yourself"
Tags: Lost, Missing, Hurt
I know there's better things out there,
But you're my everything.
The one I'm still alive for
The one I won't lose
That's why I'll do anything
Just to hold you.
- Brokencyde
Submitted By: Scenekid
Tags: Broken, Broken Hearted, Hurt, Missing, Unloved
"Watch me from afar, don't come any nearer."
Tags: Alone, Sick, Love, Pain, Hurt
People piss me off. They come into your life, ruin it, then think it's okay to just step right out of it.
- Instagram: These_sad_notes
Submitted By: mia
Tags: Depressed, Abandonment, Hurt
Empty your desires,
Say your goodbyers,
Play with fire,
You'll get burned.
- Unknown
Submitted By: Aya Kasim
Tags: Hurt, Fire, Goodbye, Empty
I've fallen for you,
You've fallen for me.
Stay with me,
Just one more day.
We all exist in fragments of what we once were. We come to earth as whole, complete being. But each hurt, each verbal abuse ,each bout of mental torture tears down our defenses and chips away at us.

 And in the end we are but a shell of what we use to be.

I'd say some of us but.. wouldn't that be a lie?
If i need to choose between your life and my life, i always choose yours cause without you there wont be any part of life left for me too.
- Vishgeet