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"people kept telling me to just move on, but they should understand that i'm not that strong."
Tags: Weak, Hurt, Moving On
You can't hurt someone you love..and thats how i now know you truly didn't love me.
Tags: Hurt, Pain
you can always close your eye 2 things you do not want 2 see,...........,but you cant close your heart 2 things u don't want 2 feel
Tags: Hurt, Broken
what do you do when the one who broke your heart, is the only one who can fix it??
Tags: Hurt, Broken
its no BIG DEAL,really,break her heart,let her down,,make her cry,cause you,CARE,about her right?
Tags: Sarcasm, Hurt
i wouldnt have ever been able to fly this high if you hadn't been there to keep me up off the ground...But i also could have never fallen this hard if you never let me go.
Tags: Love, Falling, Fly, Hurt
whenever i would miss you i would close my eyes & dare i would see you but now when i close my eyes all i see is a broken heart & a girl dying from Pain & when i realized ..that gurl.. was... Me! Why did you hurt me?  :(
Tags: Hurt
you say you love me and then walk away just so later i can find out that you are gone. and i will never have you next to me again.
Tags: Hurt
Nothing can hurts the most when you come to know that the person whom you love the most was just giving you a pretend in spite of love..
Tags: Hurt
The deepest pain is the shattered love I now feel.
Tags: Love, Pain, Hurt, Deep