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If someone you love hurts you cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it.
- Unknown
Submitted By: Bony Yousuf
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A broken heart is like a broken mirror, better to leave it alone, rather than hurting yourself trying fix it. :'(
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It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, 
An hour to like someone, 
and a day to love someone, 
But it takes a lifetime to forget someone.
"The hardest part about walking away from someone is when you realize that no matter how slow you go, that someone will never run after you."
The most painful goodbyes are the one that are never said and never explained...
If you're in love with two persons at the same time, choose the second one because if you truely love the first one, you didn't fall for the other
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I was crying the other night, when the moon looked down on me and said, "He hurts you and is your opposite, why don't you leave him?" I looked up and asked "Would you ever leave the sun?"
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The first person who teach you  
The meaning of the werb "love" 
Will also be 
The first person who teaches you the 
Meaning of the "pain"
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It's not the goodbye that hurts......
.....It's the flashbacks that follow
- XXXscarrXXX
Submitted By: Belle Marie Hodges
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"Everyone says its gonna be alright but honestly everyone doesn't know how I feel"