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I'm sorry for all I've done and said. I'm sorry for being heartless and full of hate.
It is better to be hated for what you are,than to be loved for something you are not.
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Maybe I could give a million reason to hate you but still it can't be compared to the one and only reason I loved you. And that very reason is that I love you...... But do you love me too?????
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I am hated for being loved
And yet 
I am loved for being hated
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You swear you love her but you had an affair with me...  if you really loved her you wouldn't have had an affair with me or lead me on </3 now i take my cold loveless blade and i cut into my arm and engraves a big bloody "D"
- Aris
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So much hate that fills my veins It powers my rage and Feeds my  grief I tremble and i cry,Im trapped in darkness and its tearing at my soul.
there are no reasons why i love you....and thats why there will never be reasons for me to ever hate you my love....remember that always
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I hate myself for loving you.
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sometimes there are people that don't care...people just want to say  lies...just like told me you love me...but u don' told me that u care...but you don't...I'm trying to hate you...but i still love you.....
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" I dont dwell on the PAST ... nor .. I live in the Future ... it's you who keeps on showing in my PRESENT ".