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The massacre bleeds red, the screams do grow, then silent night does come.
When you fell I caught you
When I fell you let go
You told me I was a MISTAKE
you never loved me or cared about me
You told me I was only good enough 
to mend you're Broken Heart
When he smiles'
He doesn't
Smile at you
He smile's straight behind you
I miss your arms that holded me and made me feel safe.....
........ and your hand that I used to hold that stopped me from falling into deep darkness
To love is to live
To fall is to be in pain
To be alone is to be hurt
To be in darkness is to be in light first...
- Dark Soul
Submitted By: dark soul
Tags: Pain, Hurt, Darkness, Love
When you find no more light in your life, you turn to darkness, and that's when you discover true freedom.
Tags: Darkness, Freedom
Never trust anyone,cause our shadow Also leaves us in darkness....!
Tags: Trust, Darkness
The darkness is swallowing me slowly but no one cares enough to save me.
Tags: Darkness
True happiness is walking the darkest road in life, alone with a smile.
- L
I am but a shadow
Only truly seen by those
Who see the darkness in life
Tags: Darkness, Shadow