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I prefer the darkness. It makes it harder for me to look around and see just how alone I really am.
It takes only a minute to get a crush on someone, 
An hour to like someone, 
and a day to love someone, 
But it takes a lifetime to forget someone.
When you find no more light in your life, you turn to darkness, and that's when you discover true freedom.
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Never trust anyone,cause our shadow Also leaves us in darkness....!
Tags: Trust, Darkness
I miss your arms that holded me and made me feel safe.....
........ and your hand that I used to hold that stopped me from falling into deep darkness
To love is to live
To fall is to be in pain
To be alone is to be hurt
To be in darkness is to be in light first...
- Dark Soul
Submitted By: dark soul
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The darkness is swallowing me slowly but no one cares enough to save me.
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I think I'm ugly and nobody wants to love me. I am always all alone, no one beside me. That's why I accepted darkness, who wanted me even if it was for destruction...
i whish i had no heart no emotion.,, so that i never feel sad, alone, in DARKNESS
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I have always been alone in the darkness and sad but at the same time, it feels comforting and peaceful in the darkness but I cannot Explain it with words.
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