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Dear brother


14 Sep, 2014 04:08 PM
Dear brother, 
  You've fallen down way to deep, 
  you can't find a way out, your stuck in a cell 
  that leads you to hell.
  Your on this dark road 
  with no way out and your crying out for help, 
  but no one can hear your cries.
  You said you needed to deal with this on your own, 
  but it departed you from your own.

  Dear brother, 
  I tried to show much love,
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Tags: Hurt, Hatred, Sadness, Darkness, Pain, Brother, Family
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The Perfect Size

Xyla Baites

26 Jul, 2013 12:11 AM
She sees the loop in the rope, 
It's the perfect size for her neck 
Ooh, pretty, pretty Barbie dolls
She talks to her friends, 

they all surround her
Telling her to go for it, go for it
She's worthless and foolish; 
she doesn't deserve to live
Nodding, she agrees. 

But someone comes in,
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Tags: Suicide, Schizophrenia, Love, Death, Broken, Brother, Family, Sad
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one day

the girl with the rose

13 Jun, 2010 10:12 AM
i wish i could meet u
to see u laugh and smile
i want to see wat kind of personalty
u have i wish i can meet u even though ur older then me
for mum gave u up for adoption
she still crys till this day
u dont know me and i dont know u 
but i want to tell u
i love u i want to see u 
and see how mum reacts
so i hope and pray 
that one day we can meet
love the sis u will never meet
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Tags: Lost, Brother, Sister, Love, Missing, Family
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09 Jun, 2010 09:25 PM
why couldnt i have seen you
said hello
said i love you
they didnt let me see you
at least to say goodbye
i never even met you
never held you
the dreadful news
of a dead baby
shattered my soul
when they said it was you
i became dead inside
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Tags: Death, Brother, Baby
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