The Perfect Size

Xyla Baites

26 Jul, 2013 12:11 AM
She sees the loop in the rope, 
It's the perfect size for her neck 
Ooh, pretty, pretty Barbie dolls
She talks to her friends, 

they all surround her
Telling her to go for it, go for it
She's worthless and foolish; 
she doesn't deserve to live
Nodding, she agrees. 

But someone comes in, 
tries to stop her
He holds her arms and looks into her eyes
She gestures wildly, 
why can't he see her friends? 

They're the ones she believes
He speaks calming words
Why doesn't he understand? 
Why doesn't anyone understand?

Sobbing, she pulls herself from his arms
As he falls on his knees, begging, begging
She doesn't understand

Her friends are right; she's useless, undeserving
The boy's eyes water, something strikes her inside
But it disappears with the taunts of her friends
He screams as she grabs the waiting knife, 
Plunging it deep into her heart. 

She collapses.
He catches her.
Her life bleeds out as her friends cackle evilly. 
As her face turns pale, he cries
And whispers, 
"I love you, little sis."
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