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My Plea


21 Aug, 2012 03:59 PM
Here is my story, lets go back to the start
Me and my sis were born four years apart
she was so cute blonde and little
while I was brunette with a big chubby middle

We would talk all day with smiles and giggles
or talk in tounges with babbaling riddles
it wasn't long before our parents split
so we were force then to grown a fair bit

so we would go back and forth from mum to dad
it wasn't hard to know that we were both sad
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Tags: Family, Sad, Sister, Hurt, Seperation
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one day

the girl with the rose

13 Jun, 2010 10:12 AM
i wish i could meet u
to see u laugh and smile
i want to see wat kind of personalty
u have i wish i can meet u even though ur older then me
for mum gave u up for adoption
she still crys till this day
u dont know me and i dont know u 
but i want to tell u
i love u i want to see u 
and see how mum reacts
so i hope and pray 
that one day we can meet
love the sis u will never meet
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Tags: Lost, Brother, Sister, Love, Missing, Family
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