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Angel Fallen


29 Aug, 2016 05:58 AM
fallen from the darkened sky with torn wings
shes as beautiful as she is broken
she lay in a burning fire
her presence shouldnt be known of
her screams pierce the air
from the heavens a window breaks
she'll never be anything
she's nothing compared to everyone
she's not high and mighty but ruined and cruel
she's destined to fail
she ruined the Heavens
she's nothing to me
she's fallen
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Tags: Angels, Emo
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What is an Angel

Cherokee Page

10 May, 2016 06:55 PM
What is an angel with torn wings
With a broken halo
With a shattered heart

What is an angel with tears in her eyes
With scars on her wrists
With no hope left inside

What is an angel without love
With hollowed eyes
With sunken cheeks
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Tags: Angels, Sad, Lonely
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Soul Daughter

Diana Kotyuha

25 Nov, 2015 03:03 AM
You weren't mine to begin with
Someone else's from the start
My heart started to writhe
But I loved you with all my heart
My soul daughter so beautiful and young
Is with the Angels above
Having another song to sung
Is holding our forever love.
My fiancé was your parent at first
Another women your mother
Oh how my heart could burst!
The betrayal you felt from another
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Tags: Baby, Girl, Dead, Love, Passion, Sad, Tears, Dark, Love Poem, Forever, Angels, Soul
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They Are

Xyla Baites

02 Sep, 2013 12:49 AM
They are the fallen angels,
The outcast ones.
The ones who didn't survive,
Didn't follow the rules.
They are the ones who fell
From heaven, 
In love,
With the wrong person. 

They are the demons,
The confused ones.
The ones who tempted an angel
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Tags: Angels, Unloved, Suffering
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Tiffany C.

24 Oct, 2011 08:41 PM
Save me my savior
No mercy no more
Sparkling angels
No remorse from them
They smile and tear me apart
You broke that promise
You said you'd save me!
No mercy no more
I scream at the stake
Crying at those smiles
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Tags: Sad, Savior, Hope, Love, Pain, Scared, No Mercy, Remorse, Cry, Sparkling, Angels, Broke, Save, Me
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