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Soul Daughter

Diana Kotyuha

25 Nov, 2015 03:03 AM
You weren't mine to begin with
Someone else's from the start
My heart started to writhe
But I loved you with all my heart
My soul daughter so beautiful and young
Is with the Angels above
Having another song to sung
Is holding our forever love.
My fiancé was your parent at first
Another women your mother
Oh how my heart could burst!
The betrayal you felt from another
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Tags: Baby, Girl, Dead, Love, Passion, Sad, Tears, Dark, Love Poem, Forever, Angels, Soul
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12 Jan, 2015 01:12 AM
From childhood's hour, I have not been
No, not the same as them, I had not seen
I could not yield
My passions to the common field

My heart would not beat
To the sounds of their feet
Everything I loved, 
I loved alone.

And I realized the existence of my pain
I was not loved and my life was but in vain
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Tags: Alone, Darkness, Plea, Pain, Sadness, Death, Love, Passion
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