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Ai Shinamori

06 Dec, 2015 10:27 PM
Oh the anguish I have suffered
Lamenting, hurting, dying inside knowing what I did to you
Knowing my cruelty is what did this to you

Both you and I know what I did to hurt you so
But please don't hate me
I promise I didn't mean to

You were my foundation
Everything I know and love is because of you
And even when you left me
You had everything set up so I would become successful
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Tags: Guilt, Death, Suicide, Family
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Everyone Dies


22 Dec, 2014 12:01 PM
My shattered heart lays at your feet
It's bruised and scarred; unable to beat
And it will remain this way, you see
Until the day when you learn to love me

Please break this wall that you have built
So that my love for you won't wilt
Cause like a flower, it needs some light
And your smile, oh, it burns so bright

Your eyes, they whisper a story untold
They contrast between your heart so cold
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Tags: Death, Guilt, Shame, Grave, Pain, Hurt, Breath
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Safety across our bodies


21 Apr, 2010 01:40 AM
Safety across our body is all we ask for, 
Instead left with confirmation,
Of Broken glass on our grass floors.
Cuts on our children arms, from where they played at.
Left abandoned, Victimized by predators, where they prey at.
Molested by preachers, where they prayed at.
Beaten to sleep, where their heads, are laid at.
Once found comfort in their homes, now mentally lost like stray cats.
Evil doers, Capture the minds of the youth.
Turn the lies to the truth.
Leaving them hurt, with hate.
Death, agony, and Suicide on their plate.
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Tags: Guilt, Pain
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