Never thought

Lena d'Arc

09 Sep, 2011 06:28 AM
This is why I never thought I could be free,
This is why you were always here for me,
That is why I never thought even you would leave,
That is why you are no longer here.

You were here, always by my side,
You were here, always when I cried,
You were here to tell me that everything is alright,
You were here to tell me not to give up,
But it was just the beginning.

And in the end...
My feelings were betrayed,
My eyes were blinded,
My ears never heard it,
but in the end, I woke up. 

What was I dreaming?
What was I thinking?

In that quiet night,
the last time I saw you,
in that pool of blood,
I prayed to the God,
I prayed from my heart,
but nothing changed,
you suffered till the end.

If I hadn't let go of your hand,
would you still be by my side?
If I hadn't, at that time?
Tags: Missing, Apart
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Sklj says:
09 Sep, 2011 07:54 AM

hahaahahha xD wtf?!

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