The Last Chance

Jane Cereen

17 Jul, 2011 04:12 AM
Standing in a crowded room but, all I see is you,

Like the spotlight?s following you where you are,

A lot of movements around but, I see yours too,

Like the bar?s smoke, slows down while it?s far.


I?m over through with playing safe,

And when I had the chance to be brave?

Somebody said you got a this girl friend,

And told me she can treat you better than I can.


I know it?s selfish, it?s haste, it?s stupid,

But I want to see how can it be candid,

Then I?m here, in the very corner,

Standing, watching while you kiss her.


Falling into pieces took a moment, this was my last chance,

Move, I have to move, all I can do now is dance,

Breathe, though it?s hard because I have to leave you alone,

So dance, dance with all me, dance on my own.


Don?t you know I never wanted to leave your side?

This just made me swallow all my pride,

You had me, all me, now you have her,

It hurts, but I have to, this may be for the better.
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