And What Should I Do

Ramadhan Abdul Rahman

29 May, 2018 05:16 AM
Watching you standing over there
While I'm Sitting in the middle of nowhere

Without You...
What Should I Do??

Somewhere through the time
I forgot to how to make you feel safe and fine
I forgot how to Hold your Heart close to mine

Watching my memories flying away
as it all about you

So What Should I Do??

Feeling You slipping away
Outside my day
Somehow I lost my way back home
In my empty soul I stand alone

Without You..
Tell Me What Should I Do??

You Screamed For me But I could hear your Sound
Yes I Guess I Let You Down
Now I Lost myself with you, and will never be found

I Let You Go
Never Knew how Much You Mean To Me
I Was Too Blind to See
I Never Knew till I Lost You

Please Tell Me What Should I Do??
To Be With You
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