03 Nov, 2017 07:42 AM
Why can't he see
The pain and the hurt
He has caused me.

The harsh words
I hear nearly daily
The harsh words
I sleep with every night

Something wrong in my head he says,
I am told I have issues with trust
It may have been many months ago..
To me it feels like yesterday...

I feel the knife in my heart 
From what he says is nothing
But she was something...
Still a part of our lives

I thought I could get over it
Deal with that pain and mistrust that he made.
But I was fooling myself. .
Forgive I can, forget I just can't

The laughter they share,
The little things he does for her
They shouldn't bother me
But they do, the wound still open.

Am I wrong to lash out
To be angry..
To not admit the reason why
It is the pain I feel from them,
For my trust they broke

Why can't he see
Just how much 
He is killing me.

I think he knows,
Deep down inside
But does he care
To make things right

Many nights I cry myself to sleep
He has no Idea,
It is a secret I keep
I wont ask for his help
Nor understanding
To do so would be a mistake,
And turn into a mental beating

Why must it always be,
Him attacking me
Mostly with words so hateful and bitter
The kind that one would utter to a enemy not a lover

So I am a enemy in this life we have built
I guess I am to blame
He tells me so everyday
So either I am, or maybe I'm actually insane

Why can't he see
Just how much his words...
Just how much his actions...
Just how much his hatred
Just how much it is killing me
Tags: Pain
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