The Fire and the Calm

Cindy Efu

17 Oct, 2017 08:21 AM
First came the calm, to teach the world how beautiful she could be, 
bringing a sense of safety to the world like best friends laying side by side, eyes closed,
hands clutching one anothers, heart beat syncing up the beat of the music.
but the calm gave the world feelings she wasnt ready to feel.

then came the fire to show the world excitement,
how fun she could be, how wreckless and mischevious.
the fire came to teach the world a lesson, 
carressing the world with temptation like a new emotion the world never knew exsisted,
like a young boy glimpsing at his first playboy,
leaving the world craving more and more, 

But in the wake of his chaos, always followed the calm.  
applying bandaids to her cuts and bruises along the way. 
the world was divided between the fire and the calm.

so scared of how the fire and calm could make her feel, 
She stopped rotating, stopped breathing vision blurry, lips cold chest heaving, ground shaking.
and with one last look at the fire and the calm she fell...

But they caught her and together holding her up realised they were killing her so they stayed away, but never too far.
giving her warmth and light. the fire and the calm became the worlds sun and the moon.
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