You're What I Want

Clary Barns

23 Mar, 2017 10:24 PM
Your smile, Your laugh, 
It's like poison, perhaps like something too addictive.
Your eyes, Your lips,
They are what I love to get lost in, 
a place I go to feel as if I am in heaven.

Your stories, Your words,
Music to my ears, something I could never get tired of,
something to remember over the years.
Your hands, Your body,
They have visited places no one else has, 
explored my temple, worshiped my body.

Your walk, Your goodbyes,
Something I thought I wouldn't have to ever hear nor see, 
as you walked to her and away from me. 
It hurts, A lot, to face reality,
To finally see what you really thought of me, 
to notice everything you do, just no longer with me. 
You promised, You swore,
But they were empty just like all of your words.
I miss you, I do,
But you're happy, I see, Just with her, never with me. 
You were everything I wanted, And exactly what I need.
Tags: Love, Hate, Hurt
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