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Name: Clary Barns
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About Me: I'm 15 years old love to read certain books, like mortal instruments. Love writing short storys and sometimes I give poems a wirl. I live in Oregon and go to Junction City high school. I have gone through alot of f'd up crap and have lived through it surprisenly. I plan on helping others through their saddness to.
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@R-Gamerdoesrandom Hello! that would be perfectly fine by me, my email is mortaldarkness541 yahoo feel free too email me any details or questions. Stay beautiful.
hey to all whom want to personally message me, message me on instagram my profile is darling_jade and I will personally talk to you. @Sheri, @Willow, @tiffanny,@bella I'd love to talk :)
@Umair Thank you you seem lovley and amazing all of you. Stay Beautiful.
Thank you, your too sweet smile more lovley you're so strong and beautiful i just know you're amazing.
story isn't true


Total Submissions: 9
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