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Name: Clary Barns
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About Me: I'm 15 years old love to read certain books, like mortal instruments. Love writing short storys and sometimes I give poems a wirl. I live in Oregon and go to Junction City high school. I have gone through alot of f'd up crap and have lived through it surprisenly. I plan on helping others through their saddness to.
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hey to all whom want to personally message me, message me on instagram my profile is darling_jade and I will personally talk to you. @Sheri, @Willow, @tiffanny,@bella I'd love to talk :)
@Umair Thank you you seem lovley and amazing all of you. Stay Beautiful.
Thank you, your too sweet smile more lovley you're so strong and beautiful i just know you're amazing.
story isn't true
this is not a real story. none of my storys are. this is all out of my imagination. I'm glad enjoyed the story. love ya <3


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