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Not so sad

Clary Barns

08 Nov, 2016 11:20 PM

Another day, Another waist of my time. My mom is going on and on about how she and her boyfriend are fighting. Again. I lean back and yawn, stretching my arms out. I'm tired, I haven't gotten much sleep these past few days, cause all I hear is my mother yelling at her boyfriend. I get up and walk away, she is too busy talking to notice. My name is Amber,I am small, and have long black hair and ugly green eyes. I am 17 and live in Woodboorn, Virginia. You might not have heard of it, it's is infact a extremely small town. I am the nobody at my school. You know those cliche cliques, yeah well we have those. The popular, the nerds, the goths, the stoners and then there is me, the nobody who is friends with another nobody.I can already tell you think this story is cliche, and you're right, it probably is, but it was a big part of my life. I'll tell you right now, yes it's a love story, but no, their is no happy ending. I lock myself in my room most of the time, drawing or just sitting there in silence. School starts up again tomorrow, and I really am not looking forward to it. But you know, I don't think anyone ever is.

My alarm blares, beeping as loud as possible with that annoying beep. I groan and stumble out of bed. I shower and put on my Jeans and my favorite lucky sweatshirt, and no I don't wear anything but a bra under it. I brush my teeth and hair, and put on my shoes, there I'm ready. My mom is passed out drunk on the couch, drooling all over the pillows. Gross. I grab an apple and prepare for my journey, school. The entire bus ride there was annoying, girls screaming and squealing, guys being gross, and then the children, also screaming. I hate the bus, but my car is broken down right now. yay me. I am not looking forward to any of this at all, but it is my last year. Cloey comes up to me and hugs me, yes she is the other nobody. My best friend. She has long blonde hair and bright blue eyes, she is the best, but because she hangs out with me, she is known as the other nobody. don't get me wrong, she should be popular, but she chose me instead, which I am grateful for. Tyler Brown bumps into me, sending my belongings, and me flying to the floor, luckily he catches me. I glare at him. "Can't you watch were you're going?" I yell. He raises his eyebrow and looks at em. "Do I know you?" he asks. I role my eyes. "We've been in the same class for 3 years dumbass." I snap. he thinks for a second then his face turns to pure joy. "Ohhh yeah Amber right? hey sorry about the mess, my bad." he smirks and feigns innocence. I finish picking my stuff up and turn to leave. "Wait Amber, sit with me at lunch okay?" i look at him, really look at him, he is tall, has dark shaggy brown hair, and crystal blue eyes. He is also the most popular guy in the school. "no" I say and walk away. I know what you're thinking. 'whh turn down the most popular guy?' well I'm the nobody and that means I don't hang out with the cool kids, I stay in the shadows. Class flies by pretty fast and now its lunch. I sit alone at my table, Cloey soon joins me. And then so does Tyler. I swear almost everyone turns their head to my table and their jaws drop. I look down and continue eating. I hate attention. "Hey Bridie" he says. "Birdie?" I ask. what the hell. "Yeah cause you're small like one."he smiles. Cloey awkwardly watches the scene before her. "Um hi Tyler." Cloey says. "Hey" he nods. This is lame. I get up and throw away my food. He frowns and follows. "Go away Tyler." i snap. He doesn't. this is how the rest of my day goes.

Two weeks pass, and Tyler still is hanging out with me, he knows more about me now, and I know more about him, he is one of my good friends now. Sadly I am not so much a nobody, Tyler constantly has his friends around and they have accepted me and Cloey into their group. Lately things at home have gotten worse. My mom left, so I now live alone, and no, no one knows. I am extremely depressed, but can still put on a smile. But truth is I'm done. I hate this all, me faking. I know my life seems fine but I'm getting tired of the same thing. They don't know, but I am planning on leaving, running away in a sense. I have my bags packed, and money saved over the past years. I am ready but then, Tyler comes knocking on my door. He comes in. and he see's the bags. "Hey Birdie what are those for?" he asks. "Tyler I...I'm leaving" he frowns and moves to sit on my bed. "What do you mean?" I look away. "I mean I am running away..." I say. he gets up and grabs his coat. "Oh in that case I'm coming. I stand there shocked. "What?" he smiles and grabs my bags. "Come one." he walks out to his car and throws my bags in the back. "Get in" he says and closes the door. I do as told and get in. "He drives to his house and half an hour later, has bags packed and in the car.

Two days. It has been tow days since we left, we are now in Colorado. "Hey birdie" Tyler says, turning to me. We are snuggled up against each other trying to sleep. "Yeah?" i turn and face him. "I love you." he says. I lay there, shocked for a second before I lean in and kiss him, not for too long but just a small kiss. "I love you too" I say. We fall asleep that way, in each others arms.

4 weeks pass and Tyler and I have fallen in love with each other, and never would I have thought it would happen. "Hey Birdie, I have bad news." I look up from my phone and frown. "What is it?" he is crying, slightly. "I..I am dying." I look at him, as if it's a joke, but I realize it's not. He tells me about his Cancer, about how he has had it for a while. He refused Kymo, and now he is dying. He kisses me, long and passionate. I love him and he loves me. but We don't have forever.

5 more weeks pass and I'm in the hospital, the nurse comes out to inform me he is gone, I cry my eyes out, and i continue my journey, going to all the places he wanted to, visiting all the sites, and taking as many pictures as I can. I have his ashes with me everywhere I go in a small necklace. I settle where we planned on, getting an apartment in California, next to his favorite place. This is my happiness, knowing I can go on, doing the things I love as well as he did. I love you Tyler. Always will. But now it's my time. I'm 78 years old now. and sick, I'll see you soon my love....

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amelia lee says:
02 Jan, 2017 01:06 PM

hi, i am amelia. i have read your story and it really make me cry. i am from malaysia by the way. i hope you are happy. i am sure he is with you now, all the time.

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Saphira Jacquet says:
14 Jan, 2017 08:05 PM

Your stories is really depressing

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R-Gamerdoesrandom says:
31 Jan, 2017 02:21 AM

Hello Clary! I read your story of Not so sad, and thought it was a wonderful masterpiece, and I thought about giving it more love, by making a youtube video about it, if I can personally contact you, that would be awesome! Would love to show your work.

Stay awesome as always!

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Clary Barns says:
02 Feb, 2017 10:52 PM

Hello! that would be perfectly fine by me, my email is mortaldarkness541 yahoo
feel free too email me any details or questions.
Stay beautiful.

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breannaElie says:
04 Apr, 2017 12:39 AM

You and him reminds me of my life now you and him are my insperation thank you for your story :)

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