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Unexpected Ending

Clary Barns

16 Dec, 2015 11:18 PM

The rain was dripping down the car window. Sam was tracing patterns with his finger getting lost in his thoughts. Sam is 14 years old and lives in Springfield, Oregon. He has Brown hair, Blue eyes, And a lean petite figure. He has a 7 year old brother named Jacob. Sam is usually depressed. He feels as if no one see's him, as if he is the only one who understands. He can't usually explain his feelings, so instead he takes it out in a different way... by bleeding. "We're almost home" his mother announced. His mom has Brown hair and hazel eyes. "Yay" Sam's brother giggled. "Daddy can we play base ball when we get home?" Jacob asked. "Sure, why not. Do you want to join?" he asked Sam. "No thanks dad, you know I don't like sports" Sam said. "Okay" his father sighed. Sam and his family just got back from the coast, which they spent three days. The entire time Sam felt lost and left out, like he wasn't there at all. "We're home" said Sam's mother. Sam exited the car and grabbed his bag. "I'll be in my room. " he announced. "Wait!" shouted his mother. " Are you going to eat tonight?" she asked. Sam hasn't eaten in 4 days, other than a chocolate bar and some water. "Yeah, sure mom." He replied, which put a smile on his mothers face. Sam went up to his room, and got on his laptop to check his email. Sam really likes writing and reading, not so much sports, which is why he and his father don't really connect. And recently he sent in a book he wanted published. Nothing. He felt like crap, he hasn't slept in 3 days and this made him feel worse, 'cause all he could do is think the worst. What if it wasn't good enough? he thought, What if I'm not good enough? He felt tears drip down his face and didn't notice himself get up and go towards his dresser. He opened the top drawer and pulled out a small box, that held three blades. One sharp to make him bleed a lot, one small to blame on the cat, and a rigged one for pain. He grabbed the sharp one. He sat at his desk and pulled up his sleeve. He placed the blade upon his skin and pressed down, he waited till he saw blood, once he did he slid it across his skin and watched as he would bleed. One, two, three, four, he would count. Half an hour passed and he had already cleaned up for dinner. His mom called everyone down for dinner, he walked down stairs and sat down in his spot. Not noticing the blood seeping through his jacket. not noticing that he cut too deep. he reached for his drink and didn't see the blood. But his brother did. "Sam? why are you bleeding?" Jacob asked. Sam's eyes widened, first thing that came to his mind was ,shit he saw how am I going to get away with this now. His mother looked over and saw the blood too and went over to inspect to see what was wrong. His dad still upstairs. She pulled his sleeve up to see where the blood was coming from. "Oh my god Sam" she began to tear up. His arm was covered in scars and three cuts were dripping blood. "Why are there cuts on your arms?" his mom asked, tears running down her face. "I-I......That's not the only place." is all he could say. He gave up on trying to hide it, what was the point, they saw, it's done. "Daniel!" Sam's mom called for her husband almost choking on her tears. Sam's father ran down stairs, worry written all over his face, wondering why his wife sounds so panicked. "What?What is it?" he asks, scared to find out what it is. "L-Look" she said, pointing at Sam's arm, barley able to talk. his father looked and all the color from his face disapeared, he looked like stone, he stood there frozen at the sight of his son's bloody arm. "Son? Why?" His father was trying so hard to choke back tears. But one managed to escape. "I-I DON"T KNOW!" Sam shouted his eyes clenched shut, tears escaping, drip, drop... He realized he shouted and corrected himself 'cause their image of a perfect son wouldn't yell, but that image is now destroyed. "I don't know, I'm sorry" he said. His mom fell to her knees and cried in Sam's lap, His father went to get a rag to clean him up, and Jacob...oh Jacob, all he could do is stare at his older brother, his role model, His Best friend, sitting there crying, and bleeding. Jacob couldn't speak, he was letting tears fall once and a while, but most the time he would just stare.

2 days passed and Sam's parents got him in counceling. Jacob didn't know what was wrong and why every night his parents would cry. Sam spent most his days in his room either crying, screaming, or just being plain silent, he hasn't slept in 5 days. Jacob would lie in bed and, think...if brother can bleed why can't I. But he would just push the thoughts away. 2 months passed and Sam was getting worst. Jacob asked if he was okay but Sam would push his question away and tell him to leave. Jacob went to his room, and thought. He thought why does no one see me, my only friend was Sam, now he hates me. But he pushed the thoughts away once again.

1 year passed, Sam kept thinking, and thinking, and had enough. He hates how his parents think that couceling helps. It doesn't, it just makes him think more. He had it....He grabbed his sharpest blade...and pressed it on his vein facing it towards him...and pressed down until he felt a sharp pain and saw blood and like he would before he slid it down his vein. he fell to the ground... and as he did the last thing he saw was his brother... he managed to whisper "I'm sorry" before he closed his eyes and disappearing into darkness. Jacob screamed a spine chilling scream that sent his mom and dad running upstairs. They stopped dead in front of Sam's room...His mom fell to the ground and his dad was the one who rushed to his son and shook him hoping he was still alive, sadly he soon realized he was gone. They called the police and they took his body away.

4 years passed...His mom got a new job and slowly moved on but every now and then would wake up screaming. Sam's dad quit his job and stayed in his office often getting drunk...and would cry himself asleep at his desk. Jacob is now 11 and is depressed.... he doesn't get seen by anyone and his grades are F's and D's. His parent were still hung over on Sam's death they never noticed him, and quite honestly he was too.

5 years passed. Jacob gave up. His parents divorced, and didn't care about him. He took his life the same way Sam did. His mom walked in and screamed unable to take the pain, she no longer has children she thought....his father found out and got drunk that night and crashed killing himself and a family, a mom, a dad, and a little girl. His mom soon ended up in an asylum and soon died of pain and lost.

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rose says:
18 Mar, 2016 05:15 PM

that is crazy and had me crying in my class that sucks and i feel sorry for that family.

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jem says:
21 Mar, 2016 01:36 AM

This is such a good story but also extremely sad it made me cry

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paige says:
31 Mar, 2016 05:20 PM

omg it made me cry in class :'( i go though the same stuff

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Zyan says:
05 Apr, 2016 08:57 PM

I have no words but that this story is so powerful. I may not tear but I feel. I can feel it but I can not show it. For all who are going through this find someone who will understand where you are coming from. Counseling doesn't always work. Finding someone who can relate to u is better.

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Alyssa says:
06 Apr, 2016 04:58 PM

Omg its really good!! You should right more!

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Rey May says:
06 Apr, 2016 07:09 PM

You know this stuff happens every freaking day and no one does shit about it. Did the story make me cry? yes but, I can also relate. I sit there and help others instead of helping myself now, I use coping skills and if that doesn't work then who knows what will happen in the future.

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Forest says:
07 Apr, 2016 01:12 AM

Amazing made me cry. It's so relatable too...

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Clary Barns says:
07 Apr, 2016 09:38 PM

want everyone to know nothing i write here is a true story it is all from personal experiance or my imagination, it is to help me cope and get through stress. love ya guys ^3^

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Bailie rohr says:
27 Apr, 2016 01:44 AM

This story was so good and I know that lots of people go through depression but I don't understand why people think that killing themselves is the better option or that cutting is better because life is going to get better it always does but you have to hold on long enough to realize this for yourself or you will never know, there is always a better solution. Talk to s,done first or find some way to let out your anger and hurt channel the energy you have from cutting or wanting to kill yourself into so,ring else.

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Raven Lee says:
29 Apr, 2016 05:42 PM

This Is The Saddest Story Ever. I Cut Myself Too, but Not Like That.

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Alone says:
08 May, 2016 04:54 AM

Everyone in the family died, and in doing so, killed another family. A little girl. I can cry or yell, yet still no one will hear me about the troubles happening on this world. This needs to stop. Humans are equal, everyone special. Don't take away the gift God gave you.

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Clary Barns says:
09 May, 2016 08:25 PM

I'm sorry you feel the need to cut at least you don't cut like in the story. I my self have and do deal with depression and have cut, this is how i cope with the feelings. I'm sorry you are hurting Stay strong lovlies ^3^

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adreyanna says:
14 May, 2016 01:33 AM

i know how Sam and Jacob feel, left out wanting to take your life. but their is more to life just pain and cutting your self. try to live your life to the fullest. don't do what i do or what they did.

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Brandon says:
26 Jun, 2016 10:06 AM

:'( :'(

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Carmen says:
16 Sep, 2016 03:41 AM

It's sad that I didn't cry. When you're depressed like that, there are no more tears to cry.

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Angel says:
10 Oct, 2016 04:42 PM

That so sad I was crying and I don't cry I'm so sorry I feel bad for that little boy I know how he feels I found me dad hanging I'm depressed I just don't like saying it I'm sorry again all my love

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Xali says:
22 Oct, 2016 08:22 AM

See all suicide can do is cause pain to ones self and somebody else will end up mourning over it and then they will kill themself and it will just continue

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