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Name: Zyan
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About Me: I'm a person who has a past, and wouldn't mind sharing a bit of it.
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I have no words but that this story is so powerful. I may not tear but I feel. I can feel it but I can not show it. For all who are going through this find someone who will understand where you are coming from. Counseling doesn't always work. Finding someone who can relate to u is better.
Your story is very meaning full and brave. That moment must have been scary and terrifying. I'm sorry for your lost. As a 16 year old I would not be able to comprehend your experience but I did cry also while reading. This really struct something in me. I hope your doing well right now.
I'm 15 and started middle school. I'm going through the same situation but maybe have more support than others but I wish there was someone out there I could relate to more...I've wore that mask for years now and haven't shown my true colors yet.but I feel like everyday I'm at the breaking point. I don't want anyone to know how I feel on the inside I just want them to see the disguise I wear in order to keep the people I care about by me instead of away.
Hey just wanted to say that I'm going through the same thing right now....I'm 15 and starting high school should be in 10th grade but wanted to do 9th grade again. I've wore that mask many times before and still do and not express my true colors out in public but instead in my room secluded from the outside world. I still feel this way and I don't know how to control myself anymore...I haven't cut myself before but I've been curios on how it is but I'm afraid of it being addictive.