Michael Lipps

04 Oct, 2016 12:57 PM
Don't lie to my face
Don't spit out words that are plastic and fake
Like the way you moan in the bedroom
you lie awake at night
And think about your future
Tell me what your thinking
Tell me that the flame is gone
Gone forever and it can’t ever be re-lit
I had everything but I still found the bad in the good
Unnecessary pain and bleeding
Now I know the truth
After drowning in all the lies

Please pull me out of the darkness
I can't hold my breath any longer
It's filling my lungs
Flowing through my bloodstream
Into my heart and into my brain
Altering my view on reality
I can't tell what’s the truth
And what is just the result of this broken record skipping over and over again
It's leaking out of the cracks
The tears have melted the glue holding it all together
Holding all of it in

One day i'm gonna snap and I can't have you around when I do
Cause I know i’ll hurt someone
And I can't stand to see you hurting because of me
But now I realize it's not me it's you
All the ruined friendships
All the crippling debt i've thought I had to live with
It's your turn to live with the dept
Your turn to try and glue all the pieces together
But the cracks will still show
And there's no way to hide them
Maybe your next man will think twice before taking you home
After seeing all the baggage you come with
And the weekly deposits of his own self esteem he has to make
I'm done making deposits
I'm bankrupt
I've lost my shelter and my self esteem
To the corrupt bank teller
You call your heart...
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