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Name: Michael Lipps
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About Me: I've had my heart broken so many times and I have no friends. I was sent to jail not long ago and I just got out and I'm just trying to adjust to normal life again. I've recently moved to Graham North Carolina where my family is and i'm also having a hard time adjusting. I was born in Columbus Ohio and was abandoned by my parents who recently died from a drug overdose. I was adopted by a nice family and then I we moved to Appleton wisconsin and then a few years later moved to Sun Prairie Wisconsin where I got arrested and my family moved to North Carolina. Im 16 turning 17 soon. I've recently moved to North Carolina to be with family again. I found the only thing that helps is poetry. I'd love to turn these poems into songs so feedback is welcomed and appreciated.
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Amazing poem. Very moving. I'd love to know the background of this poem and what made you make this amazing poem
Oh my gosh this is so deep! I would love to know the backstory to this poem. Amazing work