The Girl With A Thousand Names

Michael Lipps

04 Oct, 2016 01:07 PM
I still remember the contours of her face
All her freckles and scars
I see her face when I close my eyes
I gave you all my love
I gave you all of me
I opened my soul to you
Where are you now
How many times did you lie to me
Did you really love me or was it all just a fantasy
Was I in a comatose state stuck in my own body
creating my own reality
I still feel your touch
Your lips
The skin on the tips of your fingers

I still remember your voice and your laugh
I remember your smile
I still feel you popping the blood vessels on my my neck
I still feel your breath on my neck
I can smell you
See you
Hear you
Taste you
I remember going to the park to smoke cigarettes
I can still see the smoke flowing out of your mouth in rings
I remember you sneaking out of the house to see me
There was so much passion between us
What happened
Tell me
Is the flame gone
Can it ever be re-lit
Have you moved on already
Am I the only one frozen in time
Trapped in the past
Are you haunted by memories of me
Does everything you see remind you of me
Have you forgotten about me

You are the angel with broken wings who haunts my dreams
I remember us skipping class to see each other
Just to love each other the only way we knew how
Behind that dumpster after school
I still remember all the times you called me a tease
I remember you crawling on top of me
Softly telling me to shut up before kissing me
I remember skinny jeans, dubstep, Corona and cigarette smoke
I miss you
I need you
I love you
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