My Once Upon a Time


08 Jun, 2016 05:19 PM
Once upon a time i dreamt of a prince
I thought it was real and keep dreaming eversince
But as i grew, i've learned it was not real
All this happy ending isn't real, what would i feel?

I keep falling in love --- and get hurt
It's just a cycle--- love and hurt
Those fairytales i used to dream of
Is just a mind game, can't get enough off.

Are you the price i'm dreaming about?
Riding on a white horse, holding a rose sprout
But why is it that your fears made a gap.
What's in me you're not certain-- maybe a time lap.

What should i feel about you, i dont know
With you do i have a happy ending, won't let it flow.
Please be brave,
I'm a princess worth loving.
In this unsure world where the sun and the moon keeps on moving.
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