love bite

Daniel Bogogolela

23 Feb, 2016 08:32 AM
comes naturally.
A friend planted the mark
on  me because you never
care about visiting me.

Then you didn’t pitch one day,
got tired of waiting to
hear one of your silly excuses
and asked one of my
 girlfriends to kiss me
 on the neck.

Had she never did it,
You could still having 
Your eyes on her and
All my other girlfriends
Thinking that I wouldn’t 
find out.

I had instructed her to kiss me
All over and she agreed.
And since you’ll be unable to
trace all were her mouth had
I guess you will be stupid
to try to find out.

I like it when you’re out
with one of the city girls
who you think that they will
wake up loving you one day
while I and my girlfriends explore
our sexuality.

And they touch me like you
never did,
they’re rusthless while they’re
at it and make me wonder why
had I put too much of my trust
in you in the first place.

While you’re out studying or working,
like you always claim,
I invite her to do the things that
tell her you’d like to do to her
and when we’re at it,
She act like she was you.

I like it very much when she
mimick's you.
She‘s so good at it that I’ve
Now accepted her as my other
half  and have given her permission
to my apartment and our lives.

I hope you won’t mind.
It’s not like I’m sleeping with other
It’s very much unlike you who
sleep with I and still wish that you
had her.

I now would like you to be 
relaxed and to never worry 
yourself about sins of the flesh
caused by my unfaithfulness and,
love I have for other women biting
my neck.
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