He flew

Ink, paper, and a pen

18 Nov, 2015 06:29 PM
Hurting myself i could do more
Stalking pictures, browsing comments what a wore
I just wanted to see u and it tears me apart.

You were my "the one that got away prince"
I wish i could be your girl, be ur princess
I hurted u and i blamed u

I didnt know a thing what went wrong
Im sorry i did nothing cant be strong
Ur happy with someone i wish i am..

I let u flew, and its all through
U and me will just be a history
Of a love i thought wud be an undending story.

When will i see you again i dont know
But i will still feel the same way i know
For u it will be different, ur loving her now
I had my chance and i let you flew
Now it hurts me
I know u dont care
Anyway I just wanna tell.
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