It will never be me


23 Aug, 2015 09:09 AM
Two months of love you made me
Two long years you break me
This heart of mine with you i'm longing to be
But now it's broken 'coz it will never be me.

How heartless you are to leave
Dont even know why, the reason i cant conceive
Without a word or even goodbye
You dont even talk to me but you always look me in the eye.

Two long lonely years i thought i have moved on
But i just cant admit that im still holding on
Now i see you in the arms of someone new
How i wish the past i could bring back and redo.

I dont know why i still love you
Well in fact you left me like an old toy you threw.
Pieces by pieces i picked up this heart of mine
Now here you are again just cant get you out of my mind.

How i wish i could tell you i'm happy for you
But my love im sorry i cant stop loving you.
How i wish i could open my eyes and see
You're with someone now and it will never be me.
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