rendered supine

Jason Cristini

18 Jul, 2015 01:02 AM
My spirit was dark rendered supine.
To prevent losing the love of a lifetime.
Where is the sunshine on the abandoned moon. 
Behind the eclipse of a universe out of tune.
I am in the absence of existence as I lived for her.
I am a chapter of resistance my soul in an empty stir.
Countless apologies to a misused muse.
Ever starving for joyous solutions. 
Time cannot ignite her nuclear fuse.
All fed up with poisonous pollutions.

My sun has been overcast but I never felt the heat subside.
Here  im haunted with no capacity to renew
Now I grow cold and feel light and heat drift wide. 
Without my sun the skies are not blue
That love was a comet
Whoosh! its gone by
Seared into the conscious
Where's minds angels fly
Only the lowly
Only the lost
One rides on slowly
One pays the cost
Comets come once in a lifetime
Love can be pain
If we fear what we feel
We're liable to go insane.
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