Love Stinks!


02 Jul, 2015 07:05 PM
I gave you everything I had
I never thought you could be so bad
As you made me look like a fool.
I thought we were destined together as I met you in school.
But I started doubting the feelings that my heart held for you.
When I text you, you make up excuses to get me away
From you. I hugged you but you quickly pushed me away.
I smiled at you but you quickly turned away.
I stared at you but told me to stop cause I was creepy 
But looking and thinking about you made me happy.
But all you can do is hurt me, I don't know how much
Longer I can take, for I wish I never had feelings of love. 
Am I forever kept in the friend zone? If I am, love stinks!
And I have nothing left except pride. There is a reason
To still live, the reason is getting you to fall for me
And I break you like the way you broke me.
Tags: Revenge, Sadness, Love
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