They Don't Understand


16 Mar, 2015 09:01 PM
Blood is red
cuts get deeper
the soul of a innocent 
is now a disaster,
her heart is smashed 
is together by a thread
although she smiles 
she just wants red.

When she thinks of only him
the tears start rolling
she's says it makes no sense, 
at me he's always looking
the more she tries the more she gets rejected
she wants to give up
but she wants to know love.

She just needs to know why
why why why does she always get rejected
why why why do her friends call her beautiful
and why must she always get the short end of the stick.
She sits in her room wanting to tell her friends,
but she cant
she cant explain the pain
she knows if she tries to tell 
she will only hear "your man is out there i promise he will come along",
she hates it
she is tired of waiting 
she at least deserves love to fill in the emptiness of the dead and gone.

She must now sleep 
sleep is the only time she is at peace and is happy
as for morning she has to put on her smiling mask 
even though she knows 
and can feel the depression is creeping up fast.
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Clarence says:
21 May, 2015 08:07 PM

Nice poem mate. Can't say anything more than that since it's already in perfect on its own.

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