The Rest of My Life

jerry harrenstein

01 Mar, 2015 09:53 PM
I went for a walk into the night
and I passed a door that had an
emblazoned star painted white.
I turned around and went inside
and it was darker than the night outside
as I navigated towards an unfamiliar light.
I looked around to get my bearings while
I still had my feet on the ground,
then I took a seat at the bar
and proceeded to light a cigar.

Whilst I sat there a woman walked in
wearing what looked like a boyish grin 
on her pretty face.
Immediately, I wondered if she was   
familiar with this place.
When she started to walk towards me 
my eyes perked up, back arched forward
and my thoughts ran amuck.
Could she be the answer to my prayer,
or just a sign of good luck?
I will have to wait and see to find out
what is in store for me.

While watching her walk, I thought
how uncommon and extraordinary 
it was for someone as well appointed 
and obviously not disjointed to walk
into a place as ordinary as this.

As she passed by all I could do was stare, 
for her beauty was beyond compare. 
With fiery red hair cascading over her 
shoulders, then flowing like a waterfall
reaching down to touch the ground, the  
breathtaking sight made my head spin around.
Her alabaster colored skin reflected the colors
that radiated from within and here in the 
dark, cheeks rosy red shined bright, along with 
eyes that sparkled despite the absence of light. 

With dignity and style she held her head
high all the while when walking by.
She was a sight to behold 
and I knew looking at her
would never get old.
Now would be a good time for
me to be bold 
and let my feelings for her
be told
because this was the woman I 
wanted to spend the rest of my
life with.

From the corner of my eye
I watched her take a seat
and then I felt the sweat from
my brow roll over my cheek.
That is when I heard her speak
with what sounded like an accent
from somewhere down south.
I wiped the water from the  
corner of my mouth and sneaked
another peek all the while
hoping she would not see me
and think I was a penciled necked geek
out looking for a treat.

I sensed from where I was seated 
that she possessed a certain charm 
and grace which complimented her
beautiful face, so I wasted no time,
as if I were in a race, to walk over 
to her without stumbling and falling
flat on my face, for this was the 
woman I wanted to spend the rest 
of my life with.

I said hello and asked her if I could 
sit down because I did not want to 
appear to be fumbling around. 
I told her my name was Jerry
and that I was from New Jersey.
She said she hailed from Birmingham 
and that her name was Pam.
We laughed, for this was no gaffe.

Pam's voice was soft, alluring, 
yet assuring and her sweet smile
brought out a certain calm within me
that I had not felt in quite a while. 

I looked at her angelic like face
and noticed the sparkles in her eyes
had left, but I did not want to pry, 
for I could see that they were tears
now hiding behind the sorrow which
had come to fore from deep within 
her eyes.
Without asking, she told me why she was
unhappy and that no one liked, loved,
or wanted to be with her. 
Tears came to my eyes 
and I almost cried.
I reached out and held her hand
and the warmth from within her
ran throughout my body with an 
inexplicable fervor.

I gazed into her eyes 
while I told her that in me I 
would sacrifice my life for thee 
to ensure that she would forever
be happy, loved and never again 
lonely. Then, I asked her to marry me! 

Yes, her name was Pam
and yes, I was her man.
We married six weeks later 
and Pam died six months after.
I attended her funeral
and cried like there was no tomorrow,
for my heart was steeped in sorrow.

Shadows of Pam ran continuously 
throughout my mind regardless
of time 
and my memories of her were few
and far apart, so I decided we 
need not be apart.

I knew what I had to do,
for the pain in my heart was too great
to sit and wait. 
I settled the score with the evil
that ripped her from my heart and prayed 
that no one else tried to keep us apart.
I was confident more than ever now
that I would be with her forever.
I remember telling Pam the night
we first met that I would sacrifice
my life for her to make sure she
would always be happy, loved and never
again lonely.   

Without hesitation, I took those words
and blended them with my blood in order
to be with the woman I loved.
Tags: Love, Grief, Sadness
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arun says:
01 Apr, 2015 11:59 PM

I like this kinds of poems also i write poems

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jerry harrenstein says:
03 Apr, 2015 08:09 PM

Thanks Arun!

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09 Apr, 2015 01:05 PM

its good

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jerry harrenstein says:
16 Apr, 2015 03:24 AM

Thanks Charles!

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