We're miles apart but I wish

Kanashimi Raven

16 Feb, 2015 11:05 PM
We're miles away but
 I wish you were here
To see the stars and the sky
And feel the wind play with your hair
and have a firefly land on your hand

We're miles away and countries apart
and yet I wish to touch you here
and see your smiling face again
I wish to smell your sweet perfume
and steal your shirts to wear

We're miles away, countries apart and continents separated
And yet I wish that were not the case. 
I wish you lived in a room right beside me
and your messy clothes laid all over the house

We're miles away, countries apart, continents separated and worlds apart
I wish my hand could reach you. 
I wish you could hear my voice
and wipe my tears and blood 
when missing you becomes too much

But right now we're universes away
I wish the dead and the living could meet
somewhere close by.
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