Celestial Starlight

23 Dec, 2014 07:57 AM
All alone they sit,
Waiting for the day,
When finally someone will come along,
And never walk away.

They cry themselves to sleep,
As they think about the pain,
Their hearts are now silent,
They think there's nothing left to gain.

Sometimes the pain is just too much,
That they all just want to forget,
So they depart from their aching rest,
And a blade they soon will get.

A hurting heart,
And hidden scars,
They always wonder,
Who they really are.

They're silent about the pain,
The depression,
And the strife,
Because no one seems to care,
So they drag the piercing knife.

Blood starts to spill,
Memories seem to flee,
And for one sweet instant moment,
They start to feel free.

They drag the blade again,
More blood gushing out,
The pain has taken over,
As they scream and they shout.

Much time has passed,
The depression never left,
They feel isolated from joy,
Because no matter what...
They can't forget.

But what they don't realize is,
They've made it this far,
They're strong in this battle,
With every burn and every scar.

Depression can be addicting,
As it takes over your soul,
But the pain will soon be over,
Stay strong and never let go.
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