29 Oct, 2014 10:46 PM
Oranges has thin skin with lots of rim,
it flesh is juicy and is much like a lime.
Apples are red, with it’s flesh quite firm,
are cut into slices, and can be found on farms.

Bananas are long, with a slight curve,
they’re yellow and spotted, if you observed.
Nectarines are red and probably my favorite,
even with my the core, they’re still very fragrant.

With that in mind, I picked up the knife,
I sliced through the skin, cut it with such rife.
I grimmed a bit as the juice came red,
I cut through the flesh, not wanting an uncut thread..

Then came the core, the hardest to cut,
I pushed down with might, for it simply must.
It went through with a crash, the knife a bit slanted,
I glared at the board, for now I am left handed.
Tags: Sad, Knife, Fruit, Red, Blood, Juice
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