the empty journey


21 Nov, 2014 08:21 PM
I sit here feeling the cold surrounding me 
Surrounding my body as I pour dry
Abandoned by all yet all say they would always be there
I text you
I call you
Anything for your attention

You’ve left me along to fight through the dark
To shed the light
But truth be told you were my only light...
Now I am alone and cold
Afraid of what I will see once there is light upon me
Will I see you..?
Will I see anything at all..?
Or will the darkness forever follow in my tracks to mutter their whispers
I can feel the emptiness shrouding my thoughts
Covering the pieces left from my soul

I can't keep living in this mess
I can't win this fight
I have fought for far too long for me to have a chance
I am exhausted from my futile efforts of survival among those fit
I am not fit to survive at all
I must say my goodbyes and survive where I am fit
With death comes hope of seeing light again...
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