Zephira Diamond

23 Sep, 2014 11:42 PM
It's rather comforting
Considering that I'm alive and that I do feel
All that time you spent ripping their hearts out,
Left me with a sweet awakening
"All this for shouldn't have."
Really, You shouldn't have
Death will only cause us more trouble
Trouble being my middle name and all
Labelled above all as the extortionists
Denied attention by whom we crave it the most.

Control, precision stealth and balance
We devour and consume
You chose to leave her scathed and shaken
We wanted her finished...remember?
NO?!... I figured

Blood-stain sheets and eyes that dread their end
Share a spot next to you inside my cold heart
I'd say I'm mad but I believe its rather comforting
Considering that I'm dead and that I don't feel.
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