Dear brother


14 Sep, 2014 04:08 PM
Dear brother, 
  You've fallen down way to deep, 
  you can't find a way out, your stuck in a cell 
  that leads you to hell.
  Your on this dark road 
  with no way out and your crying out for help, 
  but no one can hear your cries.
  You said you needed to deal with this on your own, 
  but it departed you from your own.

  Dear brother, 
  I tried to show much love, 
  but that love became hate. 
  I've hated you so long, 
  but really deep down I love you. 
  Your lost and I began to care, 
  your alone, but i began to stare.
  I  look at you with fear,
  only because I am scared on what you
  could do to yourself.
  Dear brother,
  You became crazy, you threw stuff around.
  I won't forget that night when I seen red and blue
  lights flashing around our house looking for you.
  When we walked in the house when it was safe,
  you made holes in the walls which resembles your heart.
  Dear brother,
  Someone could of died that night,
  but at that moment you didn't care.
  You about stabbed mom the one who gave you life.
  I wanted to help you, but you was already gone.

  Dear brother,
  Their is no light on each end of the road 
  so make the best of it while you can.
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Nasa common says:
13 Nov, 2014 01:24 PM

good one keep it up!

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