28 May, 2014 01:24 PM
goodbye world
goodbye life
my mind is made up
no you cant change it
I'll hang myself to a near by tree 
and pray that you wont try to save me.
I'm saying this because i cant live like this anymore.
you even said it yourself,
the light inside my eye has died 
I'm sorry that i forgot 
you only like me when i'm not myself.
you told me i should just die
so i'm giving you your wish
here i am 
the loop in the rope 
the stool right underneath
i will die eather way because of the pills and knife by my side 
you begged me not to do it 
and i'm sorry 
but i know you'll never regret it
shh dont cry
i'm happy now
thats why i had to day goodbye befor i died
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cheyenne says:
16 Nov, 2015 04:05 PM

at the end of your poem is day supposed to be say??

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