For Polina

Ludmila Anisimova

17 Apr, 2014 04:45 PM
You are the only one who brightens up my day
And makes the darkness slowly fade away.
You are that special person who can heal my soul
And says "That's right" when I say "Life is all"

Please, give me a clue,
I can't understand-
Are you faithful and true
Or a fake who pretends?

Please, listen to me,
I'm not lying
But you don't know how I spent those sleepless nights
Praying, crying and almost dying.

My heart is now too strong to bleed,
I have the hope for life I need
But I have one message to send:
I don't want our friendship to end!

It's difficult to be a friend,
I wanna be your inspiration,
When most of our life will be spend
And I'll have freedomed the whole nation.

Forgive me for leaving,
I couldn't do everything,
I must be living 
By myself and keep breathing.

Let's be forever by each other's side,
Embrace together the evanescent moments of life,
Share the warmth of hearts we have
And when the death comes our souls will unite in the heaven.
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clinton kaingu says:
01 Sep, 2014 07:34 PM

Nice poem,I felt special feeling whn I was going through it.Actual I could nt stop the tears from my eyes.

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