Deeper and Deeper


19 Mar, 2014 01:38 AM
It's a blade.
It's a razor sharp blade.
A razor sharp blade that I have hidden in my room.
A hidden razor sharp blade that is only to be found by me.
It's my hidden razor sharp blade that is to only be used by me.
I take that razor sharp hidden blade and unwrap it from the paper.

I use it; I slice open my soft smooth skin.
Without a doubt I cut deeper and deeper.
I think of all the horrid things that have been said to me. 
and the pain is numb.
The blood trickles beneath my skin.
The puddles flow beneath my feet. 
Another worry that has defeat.

I used to wonder how they did it.
Slice their skin as if it was simple.
but it is.
It's easier than it seems.
Soon you get used to the feeling.
and you don't even flinch we you traced the scars.

I take the razor sharp hidden blade and.......
.......I cut deeper and deeper.
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gena puckett says:
12 Sep, 2014 01:08 PM


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Fantasia says:
18 Sep, 2014 06:30 PM

very good. you are amazing writer but stay strong you'll get through whatever is holding you back.

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solage says:
10 Dec, 2014 05:55 PM

this is really sad but i'm not gonna say its gonna be fine or whatever but still it may get better perhaps, and you'll find the one who'll about you so please never give up always hold on it may not get better today but maybe,tomorrow?

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Jennifer says:
27 Jan, 2017 01:19 PM

Omg this happens to me too ????

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