It Ended Just Like A Bacterial Infection

Cindy Efu

09 Dec, 2013 03:22 PM
You came into my life like a blinding light after spending a thousand days through darkness, an explosion of awesomeness. Yep you came into my life with a bang.. but left just like a bacterial infection.

It started as a small patch of roughness,
a beginning to an ending,
irritating me slightly, 
but not quite enough to cause a hint of a worry.
like a stray lock of hair tickling my cheek lightly.

Just as you turned into an unwelcome invasion,
the roughness after all became a bacterial infection. 
marring my body not just physically, but emotionally, 
it would probably, most likely eventually scar me. 

They said, do not prod at it Cindy, do not pick or poke.
It will make it worse, with authority they spoke. 
But I am not one to bend over and take it! 
mind my crude language but fuck it. 
this is my body, my wounds, my life. 
I will pick and prod for as long as I like!

I picked at the scabs, until it was pussy and bloody.
I should have just left it let it to smooth and heal over,
instead it grew warts and bubbling blisters, 
but like every great beginning follows an equally tragic ending. 
the infection weltered and so did our relationship.

you were gone, just gone... Like a tumbleweed in an old western film, leaving me to wonder if you would tumble back in my direction.

but that was it, no more light.. 

no more awesomeness.

leaving nothing but a scar to remind me of your presence..
Although one day the scar will fade and blend in with my pigmentation 
and dear light, 
will be nothing but a figment of my imagination....
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Nene Nontobeko says:
15 Mar, 2016 09:57 AM

I've never seen such a marvelous poem like this.

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20 Mar, 2016 10:46 PM

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