A Bird's Life


27 Apr, 2013 07:50 PM
I hatch and open my eyes
I look up at the blue skies
Inside a nest Really high up
Can't wait to grow up

I grow up really fast
With love and help
Nearly grown up at last
This was how i felt

Feathers covered my wings
Yet again I looked at the sky
No matter what the future brings
I watch as time flies by

I spread wide my wings
I look back once more
All those little things
Have opened the door

I lift off the ground
I see other birds lift off too
I happily look around
That's when i met you

We became friends
Spent half the life together
Got each other mates
I thought you'd stay forever

We flew a long way
So much things we fought
but then came the day
That changed the way i thought

Hunters came
With guns and knives
They started a flame
I lost both of you, your lives

Your mate stayed faithful
Remembered the things you said
Your flight was so grateful
But it's ended, now that your both dead

Don't ever stay hateful
Even though it's the end
I will always be unable
To forget you my dear friend

You might want to know
I lost my mate short after
In a blizzard, in the snow
But i will never forget the laughter

I fell into a tree
But unlike you i fell and got up
I was happy and i was free
It took so long to grow up

I had four chicks
Found another mate
But they can't take your place
because it's too late

You might be happy to know
My chicks grew up and flew away
Though they didn't take so slow
To Grow up and live another day

So here i am
Singing by your grave
I still give a damn
Look at me, i'll still stay brave

I lay down on the cold ground
I won't pick myself up this time
I make no sound
As i finish this rhyme

I close my eyes
The journey ends here
I became so wise
When my life's ending became so near

I take a deep breath
And keep my wings closed
All the memories i left
Please. Keep them enclosed
Tags: Life, Feelings, Love
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