Sorrounded by Darkness


17 Mar, 2013 09:04 AM
Surrounded by darkness,
I see nothing but black,
Watch the shadows walk by,
Never looking back.

From the world I once lived in,
Where love and laughter was shared,
I look at it in shame,
Now no one even cared.

Every night the tears come again, 
Pouring like rain, 
That will never end.

Hope is fading,
And time is passing,
Waiting for a path to lead me the way,
Praying that it shall lead me out of this hell someday.

As the days go by without a friend,
The pain never eases,
Sitting alone hoping to mend,
Surrounded by darkness that shall never end.
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Hannah says:
26 Feb, 2014 06:55 PM

This is very sad and dark it's just mind blowing what gift you have and what you've shared. My mind is blown away. This is a very well written poem to.

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