22 Feb, 2013 09:15 PM
What do you call it when all you 
feel is pain?
when your loved ones look at you
and all you feel is shame ?
when you're tired of living and
playing this game ?
when you know your life is 
meaningless and you're the only
one to blame ?

What do you call it when the hurt
is in your soul?
when you smile and laugh but you 
know it's all a show?
when you feel you've hit your all time low?
when nothing makes you happy and
the darkness around you grows?

What do you call it when you feel
so alone?
when you're in your house, but it 
doesn't feel like home?
when you look back in your life
and every choice you made seems wrong?
when the wait to die seems too 
Tags: Sad, Death, Poem, Alone, Lost
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jasmine carlisle says:
06 Feb, 2014 02:26 PM

oh my goodness sweetie i can totally relate to you its like you read my mind its like we are one those are the exact words my heart wants to say that is exactly how i feel you are talented we may be related or potential best friends great minds think alike your poem helped me realize in the pain i feel i am not as alone as i thought i was i hope you feel better and find a reason to be happy sweetie

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