18 Dec, 2012 10:46 AM
My glass princess, will you hear me
Your eyes shine but, I wonder
If I let my true heart shine 
Will you understand 
or will you laugh

If I let my cries reach you, 
will you hear them
If I let my fear reach you, 
will you forgive me 
If I let my emptiness reach you, 
will you fill me 

Say, my princess
Say is our love eternal?
You love me and I love you 
But, if I let my true self awaken 
Will you still love me? 

I never have heard a word from you
Your heart, you simply smile 
say am I not worth enough your warmth?
Say my princess am I insane?
People say your existence is hypothetical
Your light is cold

I say no You are warm 
You are the only one to me 
In my eyes only once 
Once ,the truth is portrayed
It is when you shine,

Even if you hate me
Even if you despise me 
I shall embrace you 
I shall take every devil upon me before you 
I have never asked anything from you 
But, now I do 
Will you hear me

I want to tell something 

My voice doesn't come out ....why 
Why is that?
I want to cry, tears won’t come out, 
I want to show you my real self but I feel blind 
Is that you my princess?
Can you hear me?

I stare at you 
But, I wonder if my gaze reaches you 
Among the stars that shine 
Will you see me?
Will you find my light? 
I want to tell you something 
I am feeling sad, anxious, and unhappy
The reason but remains a mystery 

I am feeling empty.., 
Wait, what am I really feeling?
My feelings are all messed up 
Tangled up 
I don’t want to cry in front of anyone 
Anyone beside you
I don’t want to open up to anyone
Anyone beside you
This is my will 
Say will you fulfill it?

Say will you come to me? 
Sit beside me 
Embrace me 
Love me
Understand me
Answer me
Please answer
Am I asking too much?

I write, no I try to write 
But my fingers 
They feel numb
I can no longer write 
My words can no longer express
These feelings I have 
In this heart of mine
But, still I wonder
Can you perhaps understand?
Understand these felling of mine
Even if it is a little 
Even if it is in small amount 
I don’t care
But, if
If they reach you 
That’s fine by me

If you ever understand
Even a bit of these feelings of mine
I promise 
I shall let my soul rest 
I shall smile, 
Let all my tears roll down 
Only under your wings
And I shall whisper
Thank you

Say, will you hear me?
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aurora says:
08 Jan, 2013 12:04 PM

for anyone who reads this , these were my true feelings and this is my request to all of you not to copy it and present it as your creation, cause this is all i have as " mine"

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no name says:
09 Jan, 2013 03:04 PM

You deserve to be heard. Beautiful. Insightful. Honest.

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aurora says:
16 Jan, 2013 04:38 PM

thank you for your feelings lethiwe

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Parry Boparai says:
11 Feb, 2013 10:56 AM

Really You have magic in your words and feelings!! Wonderful!

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aurora says:
05 Mar, 2013 09:14 AM

reaaly , thank you parry boparai, and soory for the late reply to your comment

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Alphon ch momin says:
12 Mar, 2013 10:56 AM

You gote big heart
your words are having deep meaning.

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