Who We Were


28 Nov, 2012 02:26 AM
Oh how I met you,
I still remember the day,
You slowly danced with me,
If I only knew you were gonna break my heart
That day.

I saw you everyday,
The more and more I seen your face,
I fell deeper and deeper,
deeper and deeper.

If I only knew, you were gonna break my heart that day.

Finally, I had you,
All to me,
I was happy as can be,
We stayed together,
But I never thought to see,
Soon, you would be leaving me.

My love for you was stronger than you knew,
Of how much, I honestly cared for you,
But one day, you left me,
lying there, not knowing what to say.

My heart sank away, 
Drifting from my chest,
My heart belonged to you, 
my soul and all the rest.
I stayed up crying the whole night,
asking myself what I did wrong,
I did nothing to you, absolutely nothing
I just close my eye's and cry
Cry, cry, cry.

Still til' this day, I cry over you, 
I have no idea why,
My love for you was strong,
But you seen wrong
Now I don't know what to do,
Oh, without you.

Oh, how I remember the day,
Oh, how I met you.
You replay, and replay.
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