"No more Us"


30 Oct, 2012 01:53 AM
There was that memory,
where you and I had our glory.
You hold my hand and I hold yours,
I thought we would last for years.

I wanted to tell you,
Your meant to be my soul.
Baby, close your eyes,
I love you, I tell no lies. 

But what can I do when there's no more us,
Baby that's true, oh yes..
I wanted to cry,
but I want to make it clear that we're over, 
I guess that makes me sly.

What was our I love you's for,
when to you I am nothing anymore. 
Would this show me the truth?
That all this shit is nothing but just a part of youth?

I gotta get rid of this so called 'us'
so I'm gonna go ahead and hit the bus.
Cause baby now I know there is no more us,
but knowing that you had loved me too, 
is already a bless... </3
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